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Music Snob Program

Join our "Academic Mentoring Progam"  as we work with student currently seeking additional help with academics or may require additional help. Or join our "Career Mentoring Program" as we works with students  make healthy career choices, ensure our mentees  are college & career ready.
Students that enjoy composing music will have an opportunity to work together on music projects that they will be able to perform during our upcoming benefit concerts, and other programs.

Obessed with Sneaker Fashion?

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Sneaker Snob Program

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Join our "Sneaker Snob Program" as we works with students that have an eye for fashion and  a shoe fetish.Students in this program use recycled shoes to create newly designed shoes for art shows where they will be auctioned off.
Currently we are seeeking active volunteers. For job opportunities and internships please submit an updated resume and someone will reach out to you.
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